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Each organisation would have a different set of requirements for an integrator/frontend person. Here is a sample job description:

Technical Qualifications

  • Able to write semantic markup using HTML 4.01 Strict
  • Knowledge of DOM Scripting
  • Knowledge of CSS and cross-browser issues


  • Implement Web user interface and interaction elments based on screen designs, wireframes, flowcharts and other documentation
  • Integrate front and backend components
  • Extract applicable screen design components from mockups
  • Create proof of concepts

Nice to haves

  • Experience with image editing software
  • Understanding knowledge of HTTP
  • Familiarity with a LAMP environment
  • Knowledge of OOP concepts
  • Experience in XML/XSL
  • Knowledge of microformats
  • Familiarity with templating engines and CMS
  • Familiarity with revision control
  • Good understanding of content
  • Knowledge of accessibility

Note: Please provide work samples when applying

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