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  • Note that the following only works in CSS3 (which is currently a candidate for a recommendation)

(This can be a lengthy topic but we have to start somewhere...)

If you wish to display the value of an href for print try the following:

Internal link anchors:

<a href="#foo">About Foo</a>
a:not([href^="#"]):after {

as it finds all the href values that do not begin with the `#` character.

For absolute URLs, we can simply do the following:

a[href]:after {

However, concerning relative URLs on the site:

<a href="foo">About Foo</a>

We apply the following CSS:

a:not([href^="http:"]):after {
    content: " ("attr(href)" ) ";

This will apply the site URL to hrefs that do not begin with 'http'.

It will then look something like this:

Foo's site ( )

If the site uses leading slashes in the hrefs, then the leading slash can be removed from the above content property value.

If you have other schemes like irc: or ftp: then apply:

a[href^="ftp:"]:after { 
    content:" ( "attr(href)" ) ";

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